He coached our sales team and assisted them in learning how to negotiate, overcome objections, map their sales plans, create and develop great sales presentations, which led to increased sales and solid relationship building within the marketplace.

With his excellent training skills, he coached our sales team and

Teresa Hicks, Pine Bluff, AR

He has a natural ability to help you feel comfortable during the training process.

Christopher was instrumental in helping train our sales staff

Tom Stallbaumer, Rogers, AR

Chris is also a talented speaker as I witnessed firsthand as he was asked to give several speeches to large groups to some of the non-profits we worked with to motivate the volunteers.

Jeff Stewart, Chicago, IL

Christopher is smart, practical, full of common sense, and he blends all that very well with a remarkable and clever sense of humor.

I had the great fortune to serve as a leader for Christopher while working together in

John Waldron, Las Vegas, NV

Christopher’s public speaking and motivational skills are among the best I have seen.

Monica Liban, Las Vegas, NV

“It was just a great training session. Chris is an exceptional trainer, talks on our level which made it easy to understand.”

“This is the first all-day seminar I have been to that actually held my interest all day. I loved the enthusiasm and humor. It was a fun day versus the wasted day I was expecting. I wish more learning experiences were like this one.”

Digital Sales Workshop Attendees – Ames, IA


“The ability to get somewhat foreign concepts across to us was astounding.”

Webinar Repsondant, Ft Smith, AR

His ability to affect change and implement strategy is unparalleled.

Christopher is a one of a kind trainer and co-worker.

Michael Flanagan, Las Vegas, NV

“Chris is always an enthusiastic presenter and did a great job of involving everyone with the webinar and keeping everyone’s attention!”

“I liked how the presenter involved everyone!”

Closing Skills Webinar Participants, Sherman, TX