Instructional Design

Do you have a bunch of manuals and scattered documents accumulated over the years? Has your onboarding consisted of sitting a new hire down with a more experienced employee and hoping for a complete transfer of knowledge? Would you face a real hardship if your more experienced employees were unavailable? You may need an instructional designer*. Someone who can take existing resources and turn them into a fully realized learning course.

Even the best managers and coworkers may struggle when there is little to no structure to the learning process. Without clear learning objectives, measurable outcomes and compelling content, learning initiatives often flounder. Christopher has extensive knowledge and experience with adult learning design and eLearning authoring software.

He will create a “Train the trainer” outline and course, publish your own online learning path and measure the results against business objectives. Working with your organization’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) we can develop a working and sustainable learning program

Instructional Design Services

  • Asses your business objectives and align them with learning goals
  • Take your existing presentations or manuals and have them converted to learning courses, with workbooks, job aids, and online access.
  • Design a Sales, Digital or Leadership course customized for your unique challenges.
  • Create a specialized workshop or retreat for your team.

To talk to Christopher about your Learning and Development initiatives, schedule a call or connect with him on LinkedIn


*It’s important to note that Instruction Design, as defined here is for specific courses designed to meet specific organizational goals. A long-term culture change requires more time and resources. We’d suggest hiring a full-time L & D professional.
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