Digital Marketing Session

Public Speaking

Do you want an inspiring and motivational speaker to energize the troops? Looking for a presentation that drives your team to act? For over 20 years, Christopher has informed, engaged and entertained organizations with relevant content and compelling stories. A fearless presenter, Christopher takes complex concepts and makes them relatable. 

Performance Improvement

A couple of things you should know: One, Christopher is a fantastic facilitator and, two, you probably don’t need him. Many organizations who want performance improvement training do so when they are at wit’s end on why they aren’t hitting objectives. They throw their hands up in disgust and say “These reps don’t know anything. They need to be trained!”

Instructional Design

Do you have a bunch of manuals and scattered documents accumulated over the years? Has your onboarding consisted of sitting a new hire down with a more experienced employee and hoping for a complete transfer of knowledge? Would you face a real hardship if your more experienced employees were unavailable? You may need an instructional designer*. Someone who can take existing resources and turn them into a fully realized learning course.

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