Typically about 20 minutes. Keep in mind, everything is customized for you. This call is for us to determine the best way to help your organization and to see if our solutions accomplish your objectives. The call can last as long as you'd like. There's no rush.
It's all about you. For example, If you're interested in bringing Christopher in as an event speaker, we will discuss what you'd like the presentation to accomplish for your event attendees, how you measure success, your event audience, etc. You may download the basic call agenda below or actually fill out a pre-call form at the bottom of the page.
Absolutely. 100%. Christopher has been a speaker, learning and development professional and instructional designer for over twenty years. You're going to love working with him. The process we have in place makes sure we have your success metrics in place before work begins.
It's difficult to put specific charges on a website. Without knowing more about what you want to accomplish, and how soon you want to accomplish it, anything listed here would be inaccurate. We deliver value and charge accordingly. The call is free. Once we know the scope of your needs and provide ideas on how to best help you, we'll work out a fee structure that makes sense.
Just that Christopher likes to reference pop culture. He's been known to appear on trivia teams, binge-watch Game of Thrones and attend midnight screenings of superhero movies. His presentation style connects audiences through shared experiences of music, entertainment, literature, and current events.

Although Christopher has several topics, generally speaking, he helps people to get the most out of themselves and those around them. He helps people to be awesome. You could look at the different programs, but to be honest our happiest clients are the ones who have a phone conversation with Christopher to specifically pick and choose the messages and messaging most appropriate and valuable to your organization. Sure, you can pick one off the shelf from this website. But we think when you are picking a motivational speaker the best way is to speak with Christopher about a strategic plan specifically customized and tailored to your people and your needs. Schedule a call and we’ll get started crafting a topic that will make you look terrific in front of your people.
That's entirely up to you. While the most common times are between 60 - 90 minutes, Christopher thoroughly enjoys being front of people. So he will speak for as long as you want him. We know it's your event and your satisfaction is all that matters. Christopher has done everything from 15 - 30-minute breakouts to half and full-day workshops. During the consultation call, we will outline your goals and make suggestions how to best reach them. Working together we will deliver the perfect program in the right amount of time.
We want to make it easy. Once you have decided Christopher might be a fit, just schedule the initial consultation call. If after the call, you decide you want Christopher to speak at your event, we will take care of the rest. We will send you a ridiculously simple letter of agreement. We will set up a follow-up call between you and Christopher to review logistics and presentation outline. One week prior to your event, you will have final notes and presentation slides for your approval or revision. We want to get the message right! Lastly, we will get you any requested supporting documents. (For example, audiovisual information, photos of Christopher for publication, articles for reprint in your newsletter or Internet, etc.) If you need anything at all, just let us know and we will get it to you as soon as possible. That’s it!
Yes. If there are other people involved in the success of your event, we can meet face-to-face or on a conference call.

Every part of the sales process, from acquisition to retention to growth. While different organizations are unique, certain sales best practices are universal. Be it in a call center, outside sales or some hybrid of them both, Christopher can relate and build solid sales skills and knowledge with any group. Popular topics are Time Management for Sales People, Active Listening and Sales Math for Success.
Christopher develops sales skills that will apply to any sales situation and will work with your Subject Matter Expert (SME) to customize the workshop or presentation to fit your needs. That's the benefit of working with an Adult Learning Professional. Many times, sales leaders try to pass along acquired sales knowledge and acumen to new employees and can't figure out why they just don't "get it." It's not because they are bad sales managers. It's because sometimes it helps to have a learning facilitator translate the vast amount of experience to a workable sales training course. These are short learning sessions with specific objectives. You should consider a permanent L & D professional for your organization if your needs are more complicated. Christopher can help you determine if he can help or if he can recommend someone for a more permanent role. Whether you need an entire course or a couple of workshops to address a specific need, Christopher can help. Set your consultation appointment and let's discuss your ideas.
Christopher speaks from experience and can relate to real concerns of both salespeople and their managers. He is one of the few sales presenters that will actually go out with members of your team (if appropriate) to show them how to apply the session content or coach them afterward. This hands-on approach can make all the difference. As a learning and development professional, Christopher is uniquely qualified to analyze, develop and implement a learning session that focuses your learners and your business objectives. Sometimes being a good salesperson is not enough, If it were, sales managers who were promoted would never struggle with developing new sales stars. Keep in mind these are short learning sessions with specific objectives. You should consider a permanent L & D professional for your organization if your needs are more complicated. Christopher can help you determine if he can help or if he can recommend someone for a more permanent role.
Yes. The session or workshop includes all Job Aides, Workbooks, and electronic files. We also provide end of session reports and follow up guidelines to make learning stick. If you take advantage of Instruction Design, you can have access to an online learning system with a virtual course available for long after the actual presentation is over.

Google has recognized Christopher as an AdWords, Analytics and Digital Sales certified professional, meaning that he has passed multiple exams that assess his expertise. He is qualified to help your team grow digital revenue using proven sales and marketing techniques.
Digital sales and marketing products change quickly. Remember MySpace? So we offer broad topics customized for any digital sales or leadership team. Christopher is an experienced Learning and Development pro with certifications in Google AdWords, Analytics, Digital Sales and more.

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